Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Home processed C41 film

I know, I have not posted in a loooong time. I have been so busy with work and family. I recently had a child and she has taken up most of my free time.

Somehow, I managed to learn how to process C41 film at home. I drew from my experience at the community college and when I learned how to process black and white film at home. There isn't much difference, except at home I don't have a dark room for making prints. That may change soon. But for now, I'll show off some of my C41 home processed photos.

These Portra 800 35mm frames were processed using Tetenal Colortec. I scanned them on my Epson V600 scanner using Silverfast software. Silverfast has been a blessing; it has great technology called iRSD, which removes dust, scratches, and lint. No matter how careful you are, there is always lint. Sadly, the same technology cannot be used on BW negatives. But the software has something else for BW negatives. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, photos.
My daughter, as she slept one afternoon. I like how the sunlight casts shadows from the crib onto the mattress and the baby.


My daughter, as she slept one afternoon. I like how the sunlight casts shadows from the crib onto the mattress and the baby.

Some colorful crystal that my mother brought home from her travels in Europe.

Flowers sent in memory of my father. I like how Portra 800 renders the bouquet as soft and delicate.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tulips on 120 Provia 100F

Out of all the Provia slides I took, this is the only one that I was really happy with. Apparently, I need to do a better job at metering when I'm shooting slide film. 

 Little Film Lab, who developed and scanned the roll, was nice enough to feature this photo on their site: 

 This was taken on the same day as the tulip photos I posted about earlier. I also shot some Ektar, but that roll is not finished yet, so stay tuned. I will be using some more Provia soon.

Amanda and Danny: Engaged

I mean seriously, two of the nicest people I've ever met.  Amanda and Danny are ENGAGED.  They will be married on May 24, 2014.  And I will be fortunate enough to capture photos of this blessed event.  We took these photos in Mineral Wells at the beautiful Clark Gardens.  The fabulous Kammi was there and also took some great images.

There are still film photos I have yet to share. Stay tuned.

2014.04.12 engagement-8109

2014.04.12 engagement-8179

2014.04.12 engagement-8182

2014.04.12 engagement-8188

2014.04.12 engagement-8216

2014.04.12 engagement-8272

2014.04.12 engagement-8273
What a gorgeous ring!  It is a family heirloom.

2014.04.12 engagement-8330

2014.04.12 engagement-8335

2014.04.12 engagement-8337

2014.04.12 engagement-8339

2014.04.12 engagement-8356

2014.04.12 engagement-8360

2014.04.12 engagement-8395

2014.04.12 engagement-8417

2014.04.12 engagement-8441

2014.04.12 engagement-8442

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