Sunday, February 9, 2014

My first time developing black and white film!

The photos in this post are more special to me than my usual film photos because they are the first that I ever developed MYSELF with my own two little bity hands.

I am taking a community college photography class where they still teach this stuff.  Imagine that.  Our assignment was to load our cameras with black and white film and shoot a roll of 2-D subjects.  Two photos had to be in diffused light, and two had to be in "raked" light, which is fancy for directional light.

I took that to mean I could shoot whatever else I wanted (after all, that's still 32 frames remaining on a roll!), and I was right.  The teacher is pretty lenient.  I still had a few frames to burn off that class day when it was time to develop our work.  So I shot a few things around the classroom.  I love how everything turned out!  I shot Neopan 400 at box speed.  After overexposing all my film I have come to realize that the lab as been fixing everything for me.  If I shoot at box speed, and develop myself, I'll probably have a lot less to fix!  My teacher likes to keep things simple.  No pushing or pulling.  I can see the value in that, although I will not preclude myself from getting creative and pushing or pulling my film or rating it at something other than box speed, if the situation was merited.

Developing the film was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  The teacher walked us through the process and it seemed easy enough for me to repeat on my own.  One day, maybe I will learn how to process color film, but they don't teach that at my school.  I'll have to go somewhere else!

The next class session we are supposed to do some darkroom printing with enlargers.  But I could not stand the suspense and I scanned a few of my favorite frames myself.  They are posted below.

I should also say, if I had a nickel for every time I read in a film blog why a photographer decided to switch to film, and they list out basically all the reasons I wrote about before when I first started shooting film, I would have....maybe $6.00. We love that we can make each photo count, and it makes us more careful shooters, and we can be in the moment rather than chimping our screens....yada yada yada.  Well I guess the point is, it's all true, especially if hoardes of us are singing the same song.  So spread the word so that we can get some more film shooters out there (if you agree of course...if you don't, well then phooey on you, get off my blog!).

Diffused light.  Wood fence board.

Close up of a rooster design on a trivet.  Also diffused light.

Bird pellets.  Raked light.

Potato masher.  Raked light.


A trinket in the teacher's office.  Trying to burn off film.


BBQ grill, diffused light.  A little overexposed.

The dog.  One of my personal photos off the roll.  Teacher said we could do this.

Close up of a wagon wheel design on a clay saucer.  Diffused light.

Trinket hanging on the teacher's door.  Burning off film.

One of my  personal shots.

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