Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cinestill and Tri-X

I got some film scans back from Richard Photo Lab a couple days ago. I sent in Ilford Delta 3200 120, Portra 800 35mm, Cinestill 35mm, and Tri-X 400 120.  I can't share any of the Ilford Delta or Portra 800 scans because they were taken at a wedding and I was asked not to.

The following were the few from the Cinestill and Tri-X I was happy with.  I was not happy with most of the rest, but it was my fault.  I need to work more on manual focus and metering.  The Cinestill was shot with my Nikon Fm2 and the Tri-X was shot with my Mamiya 645.  The Cinestill was rated at 800 and the Tri-X was rated at 100.







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