Friday, September 6, 2013

Turks & Caicos - Superia

I used two rolls of Superia while at the Caicos isles.  One was an 800 speed and the other was a 400 speed.  I shot both at 1/2 box speed and had them developed normally. I wasn't too thrilled with how most of them turned out.  It sure didn't look like I shot them on an F6.  May as well have been a disposable film camera.  I'm sure it was my fault.  Superia is a nice consumer grade color film and can do well if you know how to use it.  Somehow through luck, trial and error I managed to get 4 good shots out of 48.  These were processed and scanned by The Darkroom in San Clemente, CA.

Superia 800.  I wanted a shot of this great balcony at our resort the Seven Stars.  I couldn't get a properly exposed subject with the ocean view in the background with my digital camera phone.  The subject came out too dark or the background got blow out.  I bounced an SB900 flash off the resort's stucco and got a nice result.

Superia 400
Superia 400 - I really like how this one turned out.  It's grainy in a nice way.

Superia 400.  Taken at Wade's Green Plantation in Middle Caicos.

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