Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Turks & Caicos - Cinestill Film

This is the final installation of my film vacation photos.  You're probably thinking, thank GOD! Nothing worse than suffering through someone's vacation photos! Ha!

I seriously loved Turks & Caicos.  I've never seen cleaner beaches or met nicer people.  The staff at Seven Stars was so patient with us.  They cleaned our rooms a couple times a day and even suffered through my whining for a room with a better view.  With it being only 1.5 hours from Miami, there's no reason why anyone should not go there. The Provo Fish Fry, held every Thursday night at a local park in Providenciales, is reason enough to visit.  Anyway....back to photos.

These were shot in Cinestill film, which is a motion picture film that is hand rolled for use in 35mm still cameras.  It is a really great stock that I still haven't quite gotten the hang of shooting.  But I have some more on the way, so I'm going to give it another try.  I still like how my film turned out, although I know that The Darkroom probably had 0 experience with it and didn't realize it was a tungsten based film.  So, many of my shots turned out a little too cool or a little too warm.  But that's ok, next time I send it in I will make sure to let them know what the deal is and hopefully that will help.  I also plan not to shoot it anywhere except indoors under tungsten light, and maybe, just maybe outdoors during the regular daylight hours.  It seems to do ok during the golden hour, but starts to get too cool around twilight.  Me thinks shooting it at night is fine as long as there is some artificial light on your subject.  For example, in the first picture below, taken at the Provo Fish fry, some artificial light fell upon my subject from a sodium vapor type lamp.  Normally that kind of light is ugly but the Cinestill handled it well.  The very blue twilight sky behind my subject was pleasing, at least I think so.  While I normally don't do much editing on my film scans, I did have to adjust the color temperature on these slides to mitigate the warm or cool biases.

Also, don't judge the bad focusing on a couple of these.  I was using the FM2N with manual focus to shoot the Cinestill.  I should mention that it was very humid in Turks & Caicos, so my vision was always a little fogged up, making it tougher to nail the focus. I don't remember any of my settings, except that I shot the Cinestill at 1600 wide open.  No pushing or pulling on the film.






Missing the focus on this kills me!  But the bokeh kind of makes up for it...
Maybe an hour or so before sunset.
I adjusted as much as I could but I still think this has a little bit of a color cast that Cinestill shouldn't have.

I warmed this up but it's still cool.  Cinestill doesn't like twilight. 
This is on the cool side but Cinestill does seem to like broad daylight better than twilight.


I like this one.

I like this one too, very motion picture-ish looking.

Too cute.  Taken during the golden hour of course.

Taken under artificial festival type lighting at the Provo Fish Fry.

Provo Fish Fry - the greatest thing ever!

We Funk playing their Junkanoo.  If you didn't start moving your hips a little to this, then you probably don't have a pulse.

Locals playing some Junkanoo.

This Junkanoo band just appeared out of nowhere thumping and pounding away on their drums.




There was a lot of artificial strung lighting and candle light on this scene.

Big luscious drops of bokeh.


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