Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No firmware needed

It is funny how the old becomes new again.  I traded in some gear that I wasn't using (D90 being one of those items) to "upgrade" to an analog, fully manual camera that can operate without batteries.  I have never used one of these before - even my first point and shoot 35mm film camera had some auto features and required a battery.  Here is a camera I can shoot in a zombie apocalypse (or any apocalypse) provided I have access to film and can figure out how to develop it.  The internal light meter does take a battery, but it's not necessary if metering via some other method.

This thing feels very solid to operate and I can honestly say that it feels like I have a "real" camera.  I'll miss the D90, as it was my segue into photography, but I could not go back to it after shooting full frame, film, and medium format.  It was just going to waste unused, and I would rather it bring someone else some joy.

I ordered the body second hand in good condition, but it came with absolutely nothing:  no body cap, manual, box, strap, etc.  I equipped it with my old Coolpix camera strap.  In my tradings I also acquired a 50mm f/1.2 lens (also second hand), which is manual focus only.  It didn't take a lot to get used to manual focus.  I'm currently still on my first roll (Kodak Tri-X) but I expect good results as far as focusing goes.

I applied cheesy filter effects to make these photos look old.  In all seriousness, the camera itself is at least 13 years old, as these bodies were manufactured by Nikon up until 2000.



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