Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well, By God.

I haven't posted anything in forever. I should do better at this whole blogging thing. Well I am excited about my Nikon F6 camera that I just ordered from B&H. It should be here tomorrow. After I shoot a roll of film, wait a week to get it developed, and spend a good while scanning the slides, I'll post some of the work here. In the meantime, this should hold all of my 3 followers over:

Backyard sunset

This is a photo I took in my backyard today. Now just for your information, I am not a gear junkie. I have owned several digital cameras, starting with a cropped sensor body and moving on up to a full frame.  But I fell in love with the film styling of Jose Villa and decided to give that a try. My first SLR film body was a Nikon F5, second hand. I recently talked myself into trading that in for a Nikon F6, also second hand. This is a combination I can finally live with. It has taken some getting used to.  On my digital camera, I can shoot color or black and white, fast or slow ISO on a whim. On the other hand, each roll of film is a short term commitment.  It takes a while to finish a roll...send it to the lab...and wait for the results.  It sounds like a pain in the arse, and truth be told it can be. But such is the life of a photographer, and I accept this happily. One of these days, I'm going to venture into medium format film photography just like Jose. Really, that was the whole reason behind my desire to get comfortable with film: I want to shoot medium format one day, but digital medium format is prohibitively expensive. At least medium format film photography is still relatively affordable. Anyway, I've bored you enough. Good night.

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