Saturday, June 4, 2011

St. Joseph Church in Maui

This is what I thought was the Hui Aloha church in Kaupo, Maui, based on what I read in a guidebook, and an incorrectly labeled series of pictures I found on one Internet site. After comparing a vast majority of other pictures labeled Hui Aloha to mine, it appears I was mistaken! I also found a blog on the Internet that indicates it is St. Joseph church, also located in Kaupo. I trust this source because they used a guidebook known as ”Glory by the Wayside: The Old Churches of Hawai’i”, by William and Susan Ecenbarger. From Ms. Edna's blog, "Also in Kaupo stands an old Catholic church called St. Joseph, on a sea-thrusting point, the two-tiered stone structure from 1862 is remarkable for the isolation of its location, like an ark that sank to land." See Thank you for that information, Ms. Edna. Another excellent site that narrates exactly what I went through when I circled around Maui in a clockwise direction:

Look for St. Joseph next time you are in Maui!

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