Monday, November 16, 2009

Re-leaving Las Vegas

I found some time to tweak some of my Vegas photographs and hone my mad skillz in Photoshop Camera Raw. I posted these in my Facebook, but the picture quality there is so lame. It doesn't do my pics justice! When working on these I realized the trip was such a long time ago. I went to Vegas in May right after getting the heck out of grad school. Time flies!

I worked on several pics, but these are among my favs. Some of these look HDR-ish but, trust me, they're not...

A young man putting some of his hard earned cash in this neon bandit

All pics taken from inside the Deuce are through a blue tinted window. I did my best to counter the tinting in my post processing.

My absolute favorite picture from Vegas. I took this haphazardly while walking around the Golden Nugget.

Not as clear as I wished, due to the tinting of the window...

Taken from my room at Caesar's.

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